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hawaii tasting tours


Like many others, we lost everything in the fire and need your kokua, support.  Please share and help us get our palates back!

feed your 5 senses

Our Tours

Are you a foodie or just love food and wondering where to eat tonight or what to do? ​ Try Hawaii Tasting Tours and get...

History, Culture, Food, Fun
All in 1 Experience!​​

During our guided walking tours, guests will enjoy a progressive meal, each at a different restaurant. There, you will discover new friends, the culture of Hawaii, the history around us, and a great culinary adventure you'll never forget!


We are proud to offer both lunch and dinner tours throughout Maui and Oahu, as well as private tours.  Please click here to find out what we offer!


And, we always recommend this activity at the start of your vacation in paradise so you can enjoy everything we taste, talk and learn about and return for more!


*Please note there is a minimum of 2 guests for every tour.  Solo travelers and large groups, contact us  directly for more information and/or to book.

**Guests must be aged 21 years and older to enjoy alcoholic pairings. 




Hungry?  Contact us:
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